Megan Dickinson

Megan Dickinson

Senior Physiotherapist

B App.Sci (Physiotherapy)

Megan is a graduate from James Cook University in Queensland. Since graduating, Megan has worked in general private practice, as well as within an elite sporting environment through her roles with the North Queensland Men’s Premiere League Soccer as well as exposure to the Richmond Football club & Olympic athletes.  Megan’s experience to date has given her the skills to treat a wide range of conditions, from common back and neck pain, to elite sporting injuries.

Practicing what she preaches, Megan takes pride in setting physical fitness goals for herself, having completed several half marathons and a full marathon in 2014.  Megan is now focussing her running goals toward the 10km distance as her favourite. Reflecting this, Megan has taken extensive further study in treating lower limb injuries – particularly the hip & knee, running biomechanics & running retraining.  She enjoys the challenge of correcting deficits in running technique that contribute to a patient’s pain and guiding a specific rehabilitation program to optimise pain free running performance.

Megan has also completed a certificate in Sports & Exercise Nutrition and is undertaking further study in Strength & Conditioning to focus on working with runners and athletes as her specialty area.  These skills enable Megan to work closely with her patients to ensure they are pain free, but, also to help them achieve their chosen running or sporting goals.

Her love for all things health & fitness and personal experience as a runner, gives Megan a greater understanding of her patients’ expectations and provide a holistic approach towards helping them meet their physical fitness goals great or small.